COLOGNE, 2015.

Wave Sensor

In this project, I worked on a stiffness property of paper and how the material might react on touch. I used the spiral shape cut to make the material more responsive. While swiping your finger through the spiral you are closing the circuit between upper and downsides what might be implemented as a controller.

My Role


concept, idea development, Arduino programming, scale model, video production.



How does it work?

The model consists of two square papers in size of 200×200 mm. The bottom part has a conductive path and a small cut for fixing the spiral element. The top part has a spiral cut and conductive lines on the back. The light activates though closing contacts between the top and bottom parts.



One of the possible use cases of printed electronics light controller is to have a light point that can be easily assembled at home. To make it work you just need to fix two paper sheets with five locks on edges. In the end, you have a portable source of light with dimming function. Two paper sheets also could have different textures, colors, and transparency what will make each product unique.

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