M.A. Transport infrastructure for a river route in Siberia

In my final thesis, I developed a transport service for the seven-day tourist route on the river in West Siberia with the basis of human movement parameters. It is based on the biological needs of the body in dynamics or statics, calculating tourist's active/passive phases during the day in a combination with transportation.


My Role


research, infographic, work on the final thesis.



Work on the project

M.A. diploma consisted of two parts: visual - illustrating research work and main conclusions in the infographic (presented here) and textual (documented research work). The development of work was presented in 4 publications.

An important part of the transport route was the selection of functionality and concept development of a river transport. With such 'filters' as:

1: West Siberia region; 
2: Trom-Agan river characteristics; 
3: classifications of Russian River Registry; 
4: the typology
of river transport.

Transport infrastructure was part of a big research project 'Tourist service on Trom-Agan river' made by a group of 5 MA students with following themes: day-to-day scenario, interpretation of a traditional gala day, personal touristic equipment, touristic equipment for the group and transport network. The project was made in collaboration with Municipal Cultural Department of Surgut city and presented in March 2013.

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