Service Design


Redefining Meaning of Design conference hosted an unusually large number of 200 delegates. We celebrated 20 years of Service Design with great guests and speakers. As part of the organizational team we brainstormed, discussed, reviewed and at the end implemented our ideas to make this event special. 


My role


part of the core organization team, development, and realization of the conference concept, building and managing volunteer team.



Conference organization

My colleague Cindy Lee and I worked in the "People" group. We aimed to create an unforgettable and smooth experience during the registration process, information desk and manage volunteer group. Main tasks were: call for volunteers, follow their registration process and have two meetings with our future team. Parallel to this, we worked on volunteer's individual shifts, covering all talks, parallel sessions and other tasks as a cloakroom, bookstore, decoration. On the day of the event, we managed an international group of 23 volunteers who helped to make this event happen.



Core team consisted out of 8 people, students at KISD, Cologne. You can find reviews on Twitter. Photos: SDN, Irina B.

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