BERLIN, 2018 - 2021

Kärcher Digital Hub

The main objective of projects is to rethink digital interactions between the customer and the brand, as well as challenge, propose and validate new business models.

My role


concepts of digital customer interfaces and business models, planning of interviews and validation, work with development teams on prototypes, presentation and communication with stakeholders



More details


As part of the agile project management our team works in sprints, where during the period of 4 to 6 weeks several innovation projects are held. 


Together with my team I work on projects in various areas, as e.g. Supply Chain, Blockchain, Consumer Electronics, B2B/B2 Business models, Marketing. I have got experience developing a project from scratch and raising it from an idea into a startup. 


I really like the dynamic: as a designer in a team I switch from branding and 3D prototypes into service blueprints and user testing.


At the same time, I have got a chance to develop my profile as a product owner. I completed certifications in AWS Services and Scrum, which allows me to understand  IT Architecture, work on cost estimation and development processes. 

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