Saxophone strap

The main objective of the project is to rethink the role of saxophone strap, in terms of both physical and social activity. During the observation and research, ​the new view on the problem was formulated. The project changes a common role of the musical strap from neutral suspended tackle to a professional and special accessory.

My role


research, interviews with musicians, concept, sketches, 3D / CAD, scale model



More details

This special accessory creates a new musical image and is designed with the aim to use it, not only during the run-through but also on the scene. Aesthetic inspiration was drawn from the character forms and materials of wind instruments.


The strap allows to evenly distribute the weight of saxophone (which could be up to 5 kg) on the skeleton and especially on shoulder areas. The strap prevents and reduces risks of developing, a professional saxophonist disease - cervical disc disorders. The construction curves provide a secure hold and can be adapted to many body sizes in 4 regulations. 

The project was carried out on the basis of a business brief in order to patent and manufacture. The final outcome was crafted in a full-scale model.

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