DogStop is a service that allows users with dogs to be more happy to leave their dogs in front of a supermarket while shopping. This service answers to the worries of users to leave their dogs unattended; afraid of them going away or making trouble. The service, at the same time, encourages training dogs with samples from the dog food brands that the supermarket carries.


My role


interviews & analysis, essay, infographic



How does it work?

Once the user leaves their dog at the dog stop, he immediately gets a ticket which says 'I have a dog'. After his shopping, he gave the ticket to the cashier where in return, he gets a sample of dog food to give to his dog as a reward for waiting patiently outside.
The dogs then remembered that if it behaves at this place, it will get a reward afterward. A basic method of training a dog.


Benefits of the service 


For users: Users can train their dogs in the real setting. The best way to familiarize the dogs with their routine and build trust with their dogs. A sustainable solution for the long term.
Feel comfortable to leave their dogs in the proper place in front of the supermarket.


For supermarket: Another way to show an empathy towards customers with dogs. Attracts more customers with a proper place where customers can surely leave their dogs.

For dog food brands: A great way to advertise their products directly to the exact target customers and collaborate more with the supermarket.

For dogs: Get familiarize with his owner and get trained properly.

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