Advent Calendar

Advent calendar is a great tradition for the Christmas time. It is also a good example of a rooted cultural artifact that changes it is formed according to the environment. In this research, I was analyzing the whole concept of Advent calendar, trying to find it's core characteristics. Another direction was to use key elements and create a concept of a new calendar that can be used in a city environment. 

My role


research, infographic, essay, presentation



How does it work?

Once the user leaves their dog at the dog stop, he immediately gets a ticket which says 'I have a dog'. After his shopping, he gave the ticket to the cashier where in return, he gets a sample of dog food to give to his dog as a reward for waiting patiently outside.
The dogs then remembered that if it behaves at this place, it will get a reward afterward. A basic method of training a dog.


Benefits of the service 


For users: Users can train their dogs in the real setting. The best way to familiarize the dogs with their routine and build trust with their dogs. A sustainable solution for the long term.
Feel comfortable to leave their dogs in the proper place in front of the supermarket.


For supermarket: Another way to show an empathy towards customers with dogs. Attracts more customers with a proper place where customers can surely leave their dogs.

For dog food brands: A great way to advertise their products directly to the exact target customers and collaborate more with the supermarket.

For dogs: Get familiarize with his owner and get trained properly.

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